Friday, March 20, 2009

Charles Moncky - "Monkey" Wrench

Charles Moncky lived in Baltimore and worked as a mechanic. He acquired a patent for his invention of the "monkey" wrench in 1858. According to multiple sources, the tool is not named because it's easy to toy with (like a monkey), but instead it was originally named after the inventor Moncky. Due to other evidence some historians say it was named monkey wrench because other screw-adjustable wrenches and the term monkey wrench were used as far back as the 1840's. Regardless of what happened, Moncky's invention is still used to this day because of its ease of use and versatility. There have been very few adjustments to his original invention, but other wrenches can be derived from this including the pipe wrench. Moncky's life story is little known outside of the work on his invention. Later in his life he ended up selling the patent for $2,000 in order to invest in a house in New York state where he lived later in his life.


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